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Tricky Tracks is all about getting that exciting feeling from your childhood while playing catch or hide-and-seek. It combines these two elements with some additional neat features into a fun and thrilling experience.

The unique point in the game is that one team, the one that runs away and hides, leaves footprints! This team is called the RUNNER team.

When you are a RUNNER, you have to master this supposed “handicap” and if you are smart enough you can even use it to confuse the opposing Team, the SEEKER. Your goal is to avoid the SEEKER at all costs and as long as possible. You are mostly on your own but nevertheless a very nimble target and hard to catch.


As a SEEKER you have the tactical advantage! You don’t have to run away or hide in panic, and with ice-cold coolness you can plan your next moves and be extra clever in hunting down those RUNNER. Team-play can be a great advantage. Coordinate with other SEEKER and corner the opposing team members until you get them.


Both teams have individual skills to help them during the match

RUNNER currently have two skills:

  • Runner-Rewind  ->  Teleports you 5 seconds back in time. A great skill to get away and confuse SEEKER that are chasing you.
  • Hide in Prop  ->  Scattered all over the map you can find objects, that you can hide in. But be careful: Don’t leave your footprint to obvious so they lead right to your hiding spot.

SEEKER currently have one mighty skill:

  • SEEKER-Scan  ->  The SEEKER-Scan is currently the most powerful skill in the game. It sure takes a while to load up but when it’s ready you have all advantages in your hand. This skill triggers a map-wide scan, that reveals every RUNNER and shows its position on the compass of every SEEKER. Every RUNNER will notice the scan and knows that things will get serious now. 


Tricky Tracks Launcher (alpha-state)

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